Mag. Aleksandra Majić Skrbinšek

Objavljeno - Jun 9, 2018

My main professional interest and motivation is to contribute to finding effective solutions to conservation problems. My affection for animals was first directed towards getting a degree in veterinary medicine and completing a thesis in wolf ecology. As I got more involved in practical conservation in the field, I’ve learned that working with people is the main challenge in nature conservation. Therefore, I focused my graduate studies on human dimensions of wildlife management, especially public participation in decision-making and studies of public attitudes towards large carnivore species. In my 20 years of professional experience, I have worked on different nature conservation and research projects, mainly in Slovenia and Croatia. I am a member of IUCN/SSC specialist group “Large carnivore initiative for Europe”. I am currently based at the Biology Department of Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana in the position of project manager and researcher. When not at work, I am a full-time wife and a mother, and part-time dog walker, sailor, seamstress, and volunteer at Down Syndrome Association of Slovenia.