C.9 Livestock Protection

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Livestock Protection

The direct goal of the action is to protect livestock from lynx attacks and prevent depredation. With that, we will address a potential threat to lynx – negative attitudes of local community members, especially farmers, that can be triggered by livestock depredations.

We will prevent the occurrence of damages by installing high electric nettings. These fences are used temporarily during grazing season and stored away after the grazing season ends. Sets of electric fences will be donated to livestock breeders who may experience damages and also will be used as preventive measures in areas of high probability of lynx attacks. Electric fences are proven to be highly effective in preventing large carnivore attacks on livestock and are one of the most practical damage-prevention measures. The equipment has to be used correctly, so we will monitor the use of implemented measures in the field and advise the farmers on how to improve usage.

We will also work closely with the Slovenia Forest Service damage inspectors, who assess the damages, and instruct them how to install, maintain and monitor the use of electric fences. The activities will be implemented in Slovenia and Italy.

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