Your Lynx Walk & Lynx Walk at your area

Ready to go for a Lynx Walk?

To help you prepare yourself for this hike, we recommend:

–       Choose a trail with a length and difficulty that fits your hiking fitness. To see great locations and experience nature, it is not always necessary to go far. Short but good planned hikes can sometimes be just as fulfilling. Many hiking portals provide great information about interesting hikes such as: Via Dinarica,  Via Adriatica, Croatian Mountaineering Association,, Kommision for European footpaths in Slovenia, Alpine Association of Slovenia, Mountaineering and Hiking, Kočevsko, Loška Dolina, Zeleni Kras, Notranjski Park

–       A mosaic of habitats such as different types of forest, meadows, and rocky terrain will give you the opportunity to witness the diversity of species.

–       Be aware that nature changes with the seasons. Inform yourself about seasonal changes such as time of flowering, migration of species etc., to align your expectation.

–       Check national/international portals with species and habitat distribution such as lynx online database, Bioportal.

–       Do not forget to visit local communities to try some local specialties and speak to the residents. They will be happy to share locally known natural attractions with you.

–       When hiking, don’t hurry! Give yourself time to notice details and pay attention to small things such as tracks in mud and bird songs. Take photos (remember to use a measure when taking photos of animal signs and tracks) but do not forget to experience nature with your own eyes!


Living or working in the area of lynx distribution in the Dinarides and thinking of establishing a Lynx Walk trail? Great! Here are a few of our tips on how to begin: