D.4 Project Visibility and Public Acceptance

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Project Visibility and Public Acceptance of Lynx and Lynx Conservation

Our goal in this action is to document and evaluate potential changes in public attitudes and knowledge about lynx over the course of project implementation, thus providing an additional tool for fine-tuning activities over the course of the project. The results will also provide insight into people’s willingness to accept lynx in the project area over the duration of the project and beyond. The follow-up assessments replicate the attitudinal and knowledge survey carried out in the A7 action and provide a directly comparable dataset that will permit attitudinal and belief monitoring. In addition, content analysis of media clips will be carried out as well as an evaluation of the project’s information and dissemination activities. This action will provide lynx managers, as well as other interest groups directly or indirectly involved with lynx management in the project area, with information that can considerably improve the quality of their decisions and efficacy of their implementation.


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