A.5 Management Documents

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Management Documents for Slovenia, Croatia, and Italian Central/Eastern Alps

The lack of a coherent management response to the Dinaric lynx population decline is one of the main threats to the population. Subsequently, the overarching goal of this action is to develop a transnational, population level management approach for long-term lynx conservation.

The first step is to prepare Common Guidelines for Dinaric – SE Alpine Population-level Lynx Management. This document will serve as a foundation for national management plans and will be based on “Guidelines for Population Level Management Plans for Large Carnivores in Europe” prepared by the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe and adopted by the European Commission in 2008. The guidelines will be designed for the Dinaric – Alpine context and based on local management experiences and new knowledge learned over the course of the project.

The second step will be production of actual operational documents for countries sharing the Dinaric – SE Alpine population. According to the current status of management and legislative practice, corresponding documents will be prepared in each participating country. For Slovenia a new Lynx Action Plan will be drafted; for Italy an Interregional Management Plan will be drafted; for Croatia, an Expert Background Study  will serve as a foundation for the subsequent revision of the Croatian lynx management plan. All national management documents will be elaborated through a participatory process that will include representatives of various stakeholders (e.g. hunters, stockbreeders, NGO’s).

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