C.6 Monitoring Geo-database

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Internet Based, Population Level Monitoring Geo-database

Efficient transboundary management of lynx is impossible without reliable and efficient data collection and dissemination. The geodatabase created in this project will provide a simple-to-use and efficient facility for collection and dissemination of all lynx-related data, facilitating international collaboration in lynx conservation. It will enable direct access to transboundary data about lynx at the population level, which will be a considerable advantage in comparison to national or regional databases.

The database will be the main repository and data exchange platform for lynx monitoring data, making the relevant data instantly available to managers, decision makers, researchers, other stakeholders, and the interested public. Researchers will benefit from real-time access to the data, enabling better planning of field activities. Through an interactive cartographic interface, a user-friendly visualisation will provide quick access to genetic data, camera-trapping data, depredation and mortality data, telemetry data and observation data.

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