How did the translocated lynx Catalin establish his territory?

Posted - Sep 25, 2023

Telemetry data on our resident and translocated lynx, provided by animal-borne telemetry collars, is a valuable source of information on lynx movements, space use, and activity.

Telemetry data of the lynx, monitored during our project, are now also available on the project’s MBase online viewer.

For example, telemetry data on the translocated lynx Catalin over the last three years shows us how Catalin uses space, corridors and how it hunts prey. After an initial dispersal, following its release from the enclosure in the Snežnik area, it has established its territory on the Menišija plateau south of Ljubljana. Coupled with data gathered from systematic camera trapping, we confirmed his reproduction multiple times. We also observed that every spring, during the breeding season, he went on short-term explorations outside its territory to look for other potential females. Gradually, Catalin began to extend his territory eastwards, towards Škrilje and Zapotok.

On this link in the MBase viewer, you can see a schematic representation of his movements – searching for and establishing his territory since the translocation from Romania. To access the data, all you need to do is create an account on the MBase portal (click on the “Login” or “Register” buttons in the top right corner).

Movements of lynx Catalin in MBase database.