A.2 Live-capture of Lynx in Romania

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Assessment and Selection of Sites and Lynx for Live-capture from the Carpathian Source Population in Romania

The goal of this action is to identify the most suitable areas and micro-locations for live-capture of animals in Romania to reinforce the Dinaric – SE Alpine lynx population. Data collected in this action will also enable us to determine how many lynx can be removed from each area without compromising the population. The first field activities will begin in 2017, one year prior to capture, and will be carried out more intensively on the first and second year of the project in the Eastern Romanian Carpathians. Current information indicates there is a stable lynx population in this area. We will collect data on lynx distribution, abundance, movements, and activity using camera trapping, non-invasive genetic sampling, and snow tracking. Analysis of gathered data will provide reliable estimates of local lynx abundance and density in order to select the most suitable areas for live-capture. We will choose three capture areas based on the information gathered during the project.

Project outputs

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