First lynx captured in Romania this year

Posted - Mar 1, 2022

‘’Trap has triggered’’ – a signal we have all been waiting for, even though it does not always stand for a successful capture. Since the box traps have been activated in Romania, the team received this signal several times, but the wind, a wildcat, and two lynxes that were able to trick the door closing mechanism, have prolonged our waiting.

We understood that this is part of the process and, because we saw them on our camera traps, we knew that the lynxes in the capturing area are entering and marking the box traps, so, at some point, they will get in again. And it happened!

On February 25, an approximately 6 years old male lynx was captured in Tarcău study area. The usual veterinary checking confirmed that the individual is a healthy one and weighing around 27 kg. The vigorous male is now in the enclosure within ACDB’s quarantine area.

Taking morphometric measurements. Photo: Francesca Roseo

Nose swab sample collection. Photo: Lajos Berde

Measuring the weight of the lynx. Photo: Marie Pineau

We are eager to follow its genetic heritage dispersal journey and we hope he will become an important part of the Dinaric – SE Alpine lynx population’s viability.

The capture actions were carried out by ACDB with the help of their colleagues from Tarcau Forest District, Neamt Forestry Deparment within RNP ROMSILVA, Transylvanian Wildlife Project, and the veterinarian – Szász István Endre, whom we would like to thank again.

The male lynx in the enclosure. Photo: Ilenia Marocco