D.1 Effects of Lynx Removal on Source Populations

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Monitoring the Effects of Lynx Removal for Translocations on the Source Populations

This action will provide information on the effects of lynx removal on the source population and ensure that the source populations in Slovakia and Romania are not threatened. At the same time, results achieved in this action will benefit designing future reinforcement programs for other endangered lynx populations in Europe, as well as other species that face similar conservation challenges.

Data gathered within this action will be compared with the pre-capture reference situation. Based on the comparison of results, we will estimate the changes in lynx abundance and density and assess the population trends following lynx removal. Genetic samples collected will provide results on population genetic variability and relatedness. This will help us to understand the viability and vitality of the source population and will serve as a baseline for future surveys of the population. This will also be used for comparison with reintroduced populations, including the Dinaric – SE Alpine population. Furthermore, effects of removal of individual lynx on the spatio-temporal changes will help in surveying how fast the empty territories become re-occupied by immigrants and how the removal of resident lynx affects spatial distribution of neighbouring animals.


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