C.3 Reinforcement of Dinaric Lynx Population

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Genetic Reinforcement of the Dinaric Lynx Population

This action will improve the genetic outlook of the Dinaric lynx population and effectively save it from extinction. We will reinforce the Dinaric population by integrating 9 lynx into this region.

We will consider integration of individual lynx as successful if the released animals survive at least one year after the release, establish a territory and find a mate. If a released lynx dies or disperses far from the remaining population, a replacement animal will be translocated to the location. All animals will be released and monitored by our project team, with the help of hunters in the established Natura 2000 sites in the Dinaric mountain range east of the Ljubljana-Koper highway in Slovenia (5 animals) and Croatia (4 animals). Releases are expected to take place from the beginning of 2018 until summer of 2023.

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