Lynx cubs in Blisk’s territory!

Posted - Jan 26, 2024

We have good news from the Javorniki hills above Cerknica Lake: a female lynx with two cubs was recorded on automatic cameras! In the autumn, hunters from the area told us that they had seen a female with cubs, but unfortunately none of them managed to record it. That area is also a territory of lynx Blisk, who has been translocated there from Romania in 2022 and regularly tracked via GPS telemetry ever since. During the mating season 2022, we recorded Blisk interacting with a female lynx at the same location as this female was recorded with cubs this year.

All indications are that their encounter last year paid off, which means that the cubs in the video are most likely the first offspring of Blisk. This event also has a wider significance, as there was no permanent lynx presence in the Javorniki area before the arrival of Blisk. Moreover, in the Snežnik-Javornik hills, we have only detected two lynx cubs in five years of monitoring with camera traps. The introduction of Blisk seems to have significantly improved the status of the lynx in the Notranjska region.

You can explore the territory of lynx Blisk in MBase, our online database.