E.4 Local Schools Education Campaign

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Targeted Education Campaign About Lynx Conservation Through Active Involvement of Local Schools

The goal of this action is to increase knowledge about lynx conservation among younger generations and school teachers. Teachers will be offered educational seminars where they will receive educational school kits about lynx conservation. By providing them with interesting and up-to-date information about lynx, we will encourage them to use project tools in their regular biology-science classes.

Students, together with teachers, will take an active and participatory role in communicating lynx conservation through a special Young Lynx Guardian programme, where they will symbolically adopt a translocated lynx. By taking the “responsibility” for the lynx released in their vicinity, students will recognize the value of lynx as part of the natural heritage. Additionally, they will learn how to conserve lynx and be given opportunities to be involved in actual conservation activities, including sharing relevant information about lynx with their local communities. We expect that students will develop a sense of an ownership and pride in learning about “their animal” over time, which will have a long-lasting positive effect on local communities supporting  lynx conservation.

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