How to behave when large carnivores are present

There are some codes of behavior we must keep in mind when in nature. The main rule is to respect nature and yourself.

Respecting nature means not disturbing animals, collecting plants in moderation, and leaving no trace. Respecting yourself means ensuring your own safety. This means taking enough food and water, and wearing appropriate clothes and footwear to make you visible to animals and hunters, and protect against ankle and other injuries, insect bites and poisonous snakes. When taking a route very close to national borders, inform the local border police station about your plans.

Be aware there are still some minefields in Croatia. Check the information at the Croatian Mine Action Centre website and follow the rules and signs on trails. Taking a well organized route, using trails, and having a fully charged phone battery is very important. In addition to nature and yourself, there are other people, properties and local communities to be respected too.

As the Dinarides are habitats for large carnivores, we have created some guidelines on how to behave. Something to be aware of is that they are instinctively afraid of humans and will avoid you whenever they can.

IMPORTANT: emergency number (Slovenia and Croatia): 112