D.2 Impact of Population Reinforcement

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Monitoring of the Impact of Population Reinforcement

The goal of this action is to evaluate the overall effectiveness of lynx reinforcement on the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population. This will help us evaluate whether we have reached our main goal – stopping and reversing genetic and demographic deterioration of the population. Special attention will be made to quantify the impacts of the reinforcement on the demographic and genetic status of the lynx population. This result will also form the foundation for drafting the long-term strategies for ensuring viability and vitality of the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population.

Monitoring will be conducted on two levels across the project area in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy:

1.) the individual level
2.) population level.

All analyses and reports will be done at the population-level among partners from these three countries. Results will be presented in the final report on the impact of the reinforcement effort. The report will include knowledge gained and recommendations for future lynx reinforcement projects in Europe. Based on this report, we will prepare at least two manuscripts about the reinforcement for scientific publications. These manuscripts will inform future reinforcement programs for other endangered lynx populations in Europe and other species that face similar conservation challenges throughout the world. The action will start in 2023 after the last translocated lynx is released and will continue until the end of the project.

Project outputs

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