The Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia (MNVP)

Strategically important long-term directions and goals of the Ministry concerning environmental protection are aimed at preventing or mitigating adverse impacts that present a threat to sustainable development. The Resolution on the National Environmental Protection Programme brings forward the following key areas: climate change, nature and biodiversity, quality of life, and waste and industrial pollution.


Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF)

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund collects and invests extra budgetary resources for projects that focus on environmental and nature protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Croatia.


Euronatur is an internationally active nature conservation foundation that helps conserve our European natural heritage in all its diversity and to protect precious natural and ecologically valuable traditionally cultivated landscapes in Europe.



Office for cooperation with NGOs Government of the Republic of Croatia

Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs was founded by the Regulation on Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs in 1998 with the aim of performing expert work in the domain of the Croatian Government with regards to creating conditions for cooperation and partnership with non-governmental, non-profit sector, especially with associations in the Republic of Croatia.

The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic

The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic is the central body of the Slovak state administration for the creation and conservation of the environment. The Ministry was established by Act no. 96/1990 Collections of laws under the original name Slovak Commission for the Environment. By the Act no. 453/1992 Collection of Laws it was renamed to its current name.

WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature

WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) was founded in Switzerland in 1961 and is now the largest independent private nature and environmental protection organization in the world. WWF’s mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.