C.10 Prey Species Management

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Improving Management of Key Prey Species for Lynx

This action’s aim is to prepare new guidelines for ungulate management plans in Slovenia that better incorporate the life history of lynx. When implemented in wildlife management plans, guidelines will result in adjusted hunter harvest of ungulates. This will ensure an adequate prey base for a recovering lynx population. The emphasis will be on roe deer management, since this is the primary prey species for lynx in this part of Europe. This will likely mean that fewer adult, female roe deer will be allowed to be harvested, resulting in increased fertility and an overall increase in the roe deer population.

The guidelines will be developed using data collected within this project (Actions C.3, C.4, C.5 and D.2) and from relevant peer reviewed lynx (and its prey species) research. Leading wildlife researchers, hunters and wildlife managers will be involved in the developing the guidelines.

Project outputs

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In cooperation between the LIFE Lynx project and the Slovenian Forest Service public service, the revised guidelines for the consideration