Last project steering group meeting and monitoring visit

Posted - Feb 7, 2024

The LIFE Lynx project is now almost at the finish line.  Project partners met in Slovenia for the last time to agree on the final outputs of the project. Project Monitor and representative of the biggest project co-financer, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning, agreed that the project achieved and even overachieved many of the goals set in the project proposal.

Magda Sindičić, from Faculty for Veterinary Medicine Zagreb: “It has been a privilege to work on this project, to set an example of cooperation between countries to save a species and to develop management plans for three countries that share the area of the Dinaric south-eastern Alpine lynx population.”

The Project Monitor has heard a lot about all project activities, and has also seen some of them in the field, which usually leaves a very different impression. At the last meeting, we presented to him the activities in Kočevsko region, related to tourism and the Young Lynx Guardians. We visited the award-winning Lynx Thematic Trail, the information board about lynx and the LIFE Lynx project in Sodrazica and met a teacher who pointed out how important it is for local children to know the animals that live in their immediate surroundings.

In order to create a thematic trail about lynxes, the project was looking for a place and an organisation that would take care of the trail also after the end of the project, which we found together with the Kočevsko Institute.

Visit to the Lynx Thematic trail in Kočevsko.

Notice boards about Lynx Thematic Trail, near Koča pri jelenovem studencu.

Meeting with a local schoolteacher and visitin information board in Sodražica.