Ongoing lynx mating season, we detected Sneška and Catalin meeting

Posted - Feb 27, 2024

Sneška is he last lynx translocated in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project and the only female lynx translocated and released in the Dinaric part of the Dinaric –SE Alpine lynx population. About two months after her release in Snežnik area, she headed north and later on established her territory in Rakitna between Iški Vintgar gorge and Borovnica. In this area, a male lynx Catalin has his territory. We are monitoring both lynxes with GPS telemetry collars and we detected that in February, Catalin and Sneška met for at least two times. Since February and March is the time when lynxes are mating, we are hoping for their encounters to result in new lynx kittens.

Movements of lynx Sneška after her release in Snežnik area (blue line) and establishment of a territory (blue polygon) and the territory of lynx Catalin (orange polygon). Photo: LIFE Lynx

Since the first lynx translocations in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project, we confirmed (with camera traps or genetics) 19 lynx litters; both in Alpine and Dinaric part of the population. Until now, the most successful was lynx Goru, as he fathered at least five lynx litters, while Catalin has probably fathered at least three litters so far.

Lynx Catalin. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Four dots on the map, revealing one of the encounters between Sneška and Catalin, when they spent at least four hours together. Photo: LIFE Lynx

If you want to explore more data on lynxes movements and camera trapping photos we invite you to visit our online database MBase.