Sneška is exploring her new home in Slovenia

Posted - Jul 11, 2023

The last lynx, translocated and released in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project was Sneška. She is an adult female, captured in Slovakia and released in forests of Snežnik Mountain, hence the name, Sneška, given to her by the members of Local Consultative Groups.

After the release, Sneška explored the area between Loški Potok and Ribnica, around Velika gora but left it after about two months, headed north and is now moving in the area of Iški Vintgar and Mokrc. This is also the area of translocated lynx Catalin, who we are also monitoring with telemetry. It will be interesting to follow if the two lynxes will meet and where will Sneška settle down and establish a territory.

Sneška’s movements after her release in Snežnik Forests (red square) to the area around Iški Vintgar (green square) and the home range of lynx Catalin. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx