Sneška – a new inhabitant of the Snežnik forests

Posted - Apr 26, 2023

Today another translocated lynx was released in the forests of Snežnik. She was named by the locals involved in Local Consultative Groups in Dinaric regions of Slovenia. As the general public had already named one of the previously monitored lynxes “Snežka” as part of the DinaRis project, this time we went with “Sneška” – since she is coming from Slovakia (in Slovenian “SlovaŠKA), where she was captured as the last lynx coming from there in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project.

Lynx Sneška, released from enclosure in Snežnik area. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Hunters opened the doors of the lynx Sneška’s quarantine enclosure. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Who was Snežka?

The lynx Snežka was monitored by researchers from the Biology Department of the Biotechnical Faculty as part of a study on lynx space use. The lynx was fitted with a telemetry collar in the Snežnik area in 2008 and was 3-4 years old and weighed 18 kg when captured. It was then that researchers first discovered, through genetic research, the extremely high inbreeding rate among lynxes in Slovenia, and thus began efforts to set up a project to help the lynx. Snežka’s collar stopped transmitting quite quickly, but they managed to capture and fit with a collar her offspring, through which they were able to monitor her movements for some time. You may have heard of lynx Mihec – it has been more than ten years since he was captured within the DinaRis project and now within LIFE Lynx. Even now, lynx Mihec is still being recorded on the camera traps set  around Snežnik.

Lynx Snežka. Photo: DinaRis

All suggested names for the new lynx: 

Snežka (proposed 9x) – because it comes to the forests of Snežnik and the highest peak in the Dinarides

Snežna/Snežka – a reference to the lynx Snežka from DinaRis, a reference to Snežnik, where we hope to be her home

Sneška – Snežnik slovaŠKA

Tisa (2 x) – because the tree is very rare in our forests and is also a protected species

Vojka (2 x) – after the area of the hunting ground of Hunting club Nanos called Vojkova koča (Vojkova cottage), lynx can often be seen in the area

Jasna – JAvorniki SNežnik slovašKA (Slovakian)

Slava – because it comes from Slovakia

Dina – after the lynx Dina, who was born in 2005 probably somewhere in the Snežnik forests and was the first lynx in the world to be fitted with a GPS-GSM collar

Lina – name is internationally widespread: Greek – “sunshine”, Persian – “beautiful girl”, Arabic – “palm tree” and “tenderness”, Chinese – “beautiful”, “elegant”

Diana – Roman goddess of hunting, whose statue stands in Loška Dolina

Silva – a derivative of beech (Fagus sylvatica)

Jelka – the fir forests where she will walk

Abi – a derivative of the Latin name for fir (Abies)

Nala – after the brave lioness in the film The Lion King

Zuza – Zuzana, a modern Slovak heroine who brings the Slovak language and culture closer to everyone

Franca – a name common among the elderly in the Loška Valley below Snežnik: mothers with many children

Rosa – a little girl, gentle as the morning dew

Iza – because she will adapt easily and will take care of her offspring in her own way

Bica, Hoja, Jela, Trska, Miša, Lipa