Shortly after activation of the first box-traps, a male lynx was captured in Romania

Posted - Jan 27, 2023

Romanian LIFE Lynx team is sending good news; shortly after activating the box-traps, they already captured the first lynx this year. A big male, about 2 years old, weigh almost 23 kg, with a nicely spotted fur and a distinguishing feature, a big scar on his left ear, was captured in the Tarcau Mountains. The funny looking ear, might be caused by an old injury, but is fully healed now and it does not seem to bother the lynx. For now, the lynx will spend some time in the quarantine enclosure within the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre of ACDB, in Focsani, Romania. Firstly, the usual veterinary exams and tests will be done, and, in the meantime, the team will decide on where the lynx will be translocated and what will be his name.

Male lynx, just before being captured in a box-trap. Photo: ACDB, LIFE Lynx

Veterinary examination of the lynx. Photo: Andrea Gazzola, ACDB, LIFE Lynx

A distinguished feature of the male lynx is an old injury on his left ear. Photo: Andrea Gazzola, ACDB, LIFE Lynx