Lynx images available in an online browser

Posted - Sep 20, 2023

During the lynx monitoring in Slovenia, we have recorded lynx more than a thousand times with automatic cameras. The photos are used to identify individual lynx, which in turn helps us to determine how many lynx are living in Slovenia. Photo-trap images are also usually the first to tell us which female has how many cubs, or to uncover many new facts about life of the lynx.

In order to display lynx images, we have therefore upgraded the MBase viewer as part of the development of the MBase web portal, so that any registered user can view recorded lynx images. These can be further filtered to a desired time period, to a specific lynx iindividual, etc.

As an example of such a query on the MBase viewer, here you can view all the images of the first translocated Romanian lynx, Goru, collected between 2019 and 2022. To access the data, all you need to do beforehand is to create an account on the MBase portal (click on the “Login” button in the top right corner).

You are welcome to browse.