Attitudes toward lynx and lynx conservation in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy in 2021

Posted - Feb 11, 2022

Understanding the attitudes of stakeholder groups is crucial in conservation of large carnivores. With the public attitude survey we’ve targeted the main stakeholder groups which are either crucial for lynx conservation or which livelihoods lynx presence can impact – general public, hunters and livestock breeders all coming from the project area. The questionnaire we used included questions on attitudes towards lynx, beliefs about lynx, knowledge about lynx and opinions on different management measures.

The results of the survey conducted in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy show that respondents have a positive attitude towards lynx and are in favour of both lynx conservation and the introduction of new specimens. Especially in favour are hunters and the general public. Livestock breeders, however, are to some degree concerned about the potential damages and, consequently, demonstrate a lower support to lynx conservation.

More information on the survey can be found in the Intermediate Report.

Results of the survey: “The number of lynx should be increased in Slovenia/Italy/Croatia.” Top to bottom: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia.

The attitude of the Italian public towards the lynx in 2021

66% of hunters in Italy are aware that lynx is close to extinction in the country and 65% think that it is important to maintain lynx in Italy for future generations. From the three categories, the livestock breeders are the most concerned stakeholders. Although no damages caused by lynx have been reported in Italy in the last decade, the majority of livestock breeders fear the damages will become unsustainable if the lynx population increases in Italy. More information is presented in the report (in Italian).

The attitude of the Slovenian public towards the lynx in 2021

The attitude of the Croatian public towards the lynx in 2021