LIFE Lynx is helping farmers protect their grazing animals

Posted - Nov 26, 2020

In 2020, we started distributing equipment for protection of grazing animals from large carnivores within the LIFE Lynx project. The aim of helping farmers is to protect grazing animals from possible attacks in the area where large carnivores are present. In this regard, the lynx is not causing problems, as it is extremely rarely preys on pastures. This year, we distributed five kits of equipment needed to set up enclosures of high electric nettings, which are currently proving to be the best protection against attacks. In the coming years, we will distribute seven more kits, especially to those farmers who have not yet suffered damages and therefore cannot apply for the co-financing from the Slovenian Environment Agency. It entitles all those who have already suffered damage from large carnivores to 80% co-financing of the equipment necessary to establish adequate protection.

High electric netting enclosure for goats. Photo: SFS

From Slovenia Forest Service, farmers can also receive the so-called intervention kits available for the temporary protection of animals before implementing a permanent solution.