LIFE Lynx helped farmers prevent damages from large carnivores

Posted - Mar 28, 2024

In order to prevent potential lynx attacks on small livestock, the LIFE Lynx project distributed damage prevention equipment to help farmers in areas where lynx is present.

The lynx is an active predator that is used to hunt its prey in different environments, but mostly in forested areas where its main prey, the roe deer, is present. In human-dominated landscapes, which characterize most parts of Central Europe, many pastures are located at the edge of the forest so occasionally encounters between the lynx and grazing animals can occur. Thus, as a predator, the lynx may seize the opportunity and prey on grazing animals.

Our goal was to monitor the cases of lynx depredation on grazing animals to check whether these events are more frequent as a consequence of the reinforcement of the population. Furthermore, we aimed to assist the farmers in the field with advice and distribution of appropriate protective equipment.

The results from show that the number of lynx depredations is very low and these events remain rare even during and after the reinforcement of the lynx population. More information is available in the Report about the use and effects of electric fences.