Seminar for damage inspectors and agricultural advisors

Posted - Nov 11, 2019

In present week, we carried out educational seminar, organized in the cooperation of Slovenia Forest Service and Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia. The topic of the seminar was livestock protection on pastures against large carnivores. Through the lectures on effective preventive measures, the participants, damage inspectors from Slovenia Forest Service and consultants from Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, were able to renew and upgrade their already gained knowledge on this topic.  The theoretical part of the meeting was followed by a field trip to the farm, which uses high electric fences and livestock guarding dogs, to protect their flock against large carnivores. With the combination of different preventive measures, very effective protection can be established. Participants of the seminar agreed that dialogue is crucial for the preservation of both large carnivore populations and farming.

Livestock guarding dog protecting the flock. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Lecture for the participants of the seminar. Photo: LIFE Lynx