LIFE Lynx supports farmers from Italy and Slovenia

Posted - Mar 30, 2022

An increase of lynx presence in the eastern Italian Alps because of the reintroduction of five lynx to the Slovenian Julian Alps in 2021 may lead to the occasional attacks on livestock. Although lynx depredation events are rare and none has been reported in Italy in the past 10 years, farmers are now supported in applying prevention measures. CUFAA has purchased so-called intervention kits –electric fences to protect livestock, which will be distributed to farmers upon request.

Electric fences are an effective preventive measure against attacks of all large carnivores. Photo: Anja Molinari-Jobin, LIFE Lynx

In 2020, we started distributing high electric fences in Slovenia. Until now, we distributed thirteen kits, especially to those farmers who have not yet suffered damages and therefore cannot apply for the co-financing from the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Some kits are also available for intervention purposes at the regional offices of Slovenia Forest Service.