The first records from Gorenjska camera traps have arrived!

Posted - Feb 3, 2022

This season, we have extended the monitoring of the impact of lynx population reinforcement in Slovenia to the Slovenian Alps. In the spring, five adult lynxes equipped with telemetry collars were released in the area of Pokljuka and Jelovica. Despite telemetry monitoring, we are regularly monitoring the progress of the reinforcement with camera traps, which are the main tool for lynx monitoring, as they allow long-term monitoring of the lynx at the level of its entire distribution. Automatic cameras have been installed at 20 locations within the Triglav National Park and hunting grounds managed by five hunting families in the territories of the reintroduced lynx. Shortly after the cameras were installed, the Pokljuka and Jelovica areas were covered by a thick snow blanket, but after a few months we managed to get to some of the cameras. They captured Tris and Lenka at four different locations in the Pokljuka area, and other forest animals that share this area with lynx.

Lynx Tris walked in front of our camera in the middle of November. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Three days before Tris, a chamois walked on the forest road. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Camera traps recorded other forest animals. Photo: LIFE Lynx

On the New Year’s day a pack of wolfs walked in front of the camera. Photo: LIFE Lynx