VIDEO – It is confirmed, lynx Goru is a grandfather!

Posted - Sep 21, 2023

A local hunter sent us a video of a female lynx with three playful kittens. Our team recognized her as a resident female lynx, offspring of Romanian lynx Goru and local female Teja. She was born in 2020, in the same year as lynx Niko, and later on established her territory in the area of Mala Gora and Suha Krajina (Slovenia).

From the camera trapping monitoring, we know that Goru is one of the most successful translocated lynx if not the most. In addition, Goru and Teja are the most frequently photographed lynx pair in the five seasons of monitoring done in Slovenia, with a total of 160 events* of Goru and 62 events of Teja. To date we have recorded lynx on 1236 events in Slovenia. (* in the scope of individual event, there are usually more photos/videos taken).

Goru’s daughter. Photo LIFE Lynx