Ninth lynx from Romania arrived in Slovenia

Posted - Apr 8, 2022

Today, the Snežnik quarantine enclosure received a new temporary »tenant” – an adult male lynx, who has travelled from the Romanian Carpathians. The lynx does not have a name yet; this time it will be chosen in cooperation with the DINA Pivka Centre. More information on the selection will follow soon.

While the lynx is adjusting to his new environment, local hunters from State Managed Hunting Ground Jelen will take care of him. Since the lynx is a wild and timid animal, please do not approach the enclosure. The enclosure is in a secret location and we are monitoring its surroundings with video surveillance, and with the help of local hunters and inspectors.

This is the ninth lynx that was translocated from Romania to Slovenia and Croatia, and also one of the biggest ones. With 27 kg, he is sharing this title with lynx Tris, who was translocated to Slovenian Alps last year.

From the transport box to enclosure in Snežnik. Photo: Valentin Vidojevič

Lynx in the enclosure. Photo: Aleš Pičulin, LIFE Lynx