Lynx movements during the mating season

Posted - Jul 14, 2022

During the mating season, we can always expect intensified lynx interactions. Our colleague from Biotechnical Faculty, Forestry department prepared three animations of lynx movements using GPS data from their telemetry collars. In the first one, you can see all males (Catalin, Goru, Igi and Klif) during their mating trips.

Lynxes Klif and Petra, from Kočevsko region, who had four male kittens last season, of which all survived until dispersal period, had a few encounters in the last mating period. We cannot say however, that Petra was denning this spring.


Three lynxes from the Slovenian Alps; Zois, Aida and Julija had some interesting interactions in the mating period. Can you detect when Zois and Aida were mating? Moreover, what was Zois doing with Julija in Pokljuka?

We already confirmed that Aida has three kittens this year, so her mating with Zois was successful. For Julija and Lenka we do not know if they gave birth. Unfortunately, the collars of lynxes Tris and Lenka stopped working in wintertime, but we managed to capture them on our camera traps afterwards. We will soon start with the new camera-trapping season and try to photograph all the lynxes from Gorenjska region, including the offspring.