It has been three years since Goru was released in Slovenian forests

Posted - May 14, 2022

Three years ago, on May 14, Goru, the first lynx captured within the LIFE Lynx project, was released in Slovenia, becoming the first lynx included in the Dinaric SE-Alpine lynx population since 1973. Thanks to two successful GPS collar deployments, we’ve been monitoring Goru’s movements since his release in 2019. This provided us an incredible amount of data, from which we obtained crucial information about his role in the population, and several aspects of lynx ecology, like feeding, resting, mating and lynx social life.

Soon after his release, Goru established his territory on Mala Gora, which he is sharing with a resident female Teja. He stayed in the area since then, leaving it only during the mating season for short periods (between 15-30 days). During these periods, he has travelled to Croatia, in the Ogulin area and Gorski Kotar and also to some other parts in south-west Dinaric Mountains in Slovenia. We are able to confirm three successful reproductive events with Teja, and we know that Goru so far is the father of at least seven lynxes. However, Goru may have spread his genes in other areas during the mating excursions.

Goru’s territory and mating excursion in 2020.

From his movement data, we were also able to detect potential lynx monitoring places to deploy camera traps, which allow us to estimate population densities, among other parameters. Through this method, we have been detecting Goru regularly, as well as Teja and their kittens.

Lynx Goru. Photo: Jay Knight, Michael Willet and Lan Hočevar

Goru’s and Teja’s kittens. Photo: LIFE Lynx

With all the confirmed litters, Goru played a very important role in genetic reinforcement process of the Dinaric lynx population. We hope he will continue this great job, and we look forward to keep learning from him!