Lynx Goru was released into the wild

Posted - May 14, 2019

Today Slovenian hunters from Loški Potok released a lynx named Goru into the wild. Goru was transferred from Romania to Slovenia on April 26th and was placed in an enclosure in Loški Potok, where he adjusted to his new environment, a procedure known as a soft release. During the adjustment, he was cared for by local hunters from Loški Potok hunting club, a veterinarian and Slovenian LIFE Lynx project team members. This soft release procedure was chosen to minimize the chances that the lynx will move far from the release site.

Gorus passport. Photo: LIFE Lynx

In the beginning of May, a lynx named Doru was released into the wild to Risnjak National Park in Croatia. Goru and Doru are the first two of the 14 planned translocated lynx to save the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from extinction. Both lynx are equipped with GPS radio collars, that will enable LIFE Lynx researchers to track their movements and confirm if the lynx are being integrated in the population.

Lynx Doru, released into the wild on May 4th. Photo: Vedran Slijepčević, LIFE Lynx

Rok Černe, LIFE Lynx project coordinator: »Translocation of the two lynx from Romania to the Dinaric Mountains is of historic importance for conservation of this species at the European level. These are the first two lynx that Romania has contributed to a European level population reinforcement effort. We are grateful and appreciate hard work that our Romanian partners have made to lynx conservation.«


Press release – First two lynx translocated to Slovenia and Croatia in an effort to save an endangered population