Flori, young lynx from Pokljuka is wearing a telemetry collar

Posted - Mar 7, 2023

On the World Wildlife Day, in the only national park in Slovenia, we captured an adolescent lynx from the first litter of the translocated lynxes Julia and Tris. The young lynx was in good physical condition, weighing a hefty 15kg. Unlike his sibling Meri, he has a distinct spotted pattern on his fur, like Julija, from whom he has not yet separated. Triglav National Park rangers, in whose districts the cub and the female had been staying in recent months, also attended the capture. The Park Ranger at whose area the capture took place chose the name for the lynx, after his late father: “Flori, as Florijan Tišler the Elder was nicknamed, was one of the first park rangers in Triglav National Park and dedicated his life to protecting nature and caring for wildlife.”

Equipped with a telemetry collar, we will follow the young lynx Flori on his way in search of a territory in the Slovenian Alps and perhaps even beyond.

A veterinarian from Ljubljana ZOO examined lynx Flori. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Fitting lynx Flori with a telemetry collar. Photo: Florijan Tišler

Park ranger Florijan Tišler Younger with lynx Flori. Photo: Franci Tišler