The start of camera trapping in Slovenian Alps revealed a new generation of lynx

Posted - Sep 4, 2022

With an aim to confirm the presence of lynx with malfunctioning telemetry collars; Tris, Lenka and Zois, camera trapping in Gorenjska started already in July. Besides, August is the month when females with kittens increase their movement rates and replace breastfeeding with feeding with natural prey. That makes them possible to record on camera traps. After a month of camera trapping, we were more than successful; we managed to record Tris and Lenka in two locations while Julija and Aida were both recorded with three kittens. Moreover, as these two females are wearing functional telemetry collars, surveys of GPS locations confirmed that they mostly hunt roe deer to feed their kittens. In search of prey, they seem to be scouting the mountain ridges, high-altitude plateaus and valleys and we expect that telemetry and camera traps will continue to enable us to monitor their development.

Lynx Tris. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Lynx Julija with three kittens. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Lynx Lenka. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Lynx Aida with three kittens. Photo: LIFE Lynx