First report about the success of the lynx releases and genetic reinforcement of the Dinaric population

Posted - Aug 13, 2021

So far, we have already released four animals to Slovenian part of the Dinaric Mountains; Goru, Catalin, Boris and Maks, and four animals to the Croatian part; Doru, Alojzije, Pino and Emil. In this first report on lynx releases, we present the status of the released lynxes and assess the successfulness of their integration into the existing Dinaric population. According to the available data, it seems that four lynxes have already successfully integrated into the existing Dinaric population. Unfortunately, we cannot say that for other four animals; two because we have no verified data indicating their presence (Doru and Pino), one because he does not seem to have established a territory yet (Maks) and one that was translocated to Croatia in spring 2021 (Emil), therefore it is too early to assess his integration. In the following years, new translocations are planned for Slovenia and Croatia. Here you can read the full report.