E.1 Promotion Through Consultative Groups

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Promotion of the Lynx Population Reinforcement and Long-term Conservation Through Local Consultative Groups

Within this multidisciplinary and complex project, we aim to build and maintain public support for lynx recovery and its long-term conservation by ensuring early and sustained public participation in the project activities. Key stakeholders, such as hunters, farmers, municipality and environmental association representatives and other interested publics, are all part of the local communities where lynx will be released. Therefore their cooperation and participation is crucial in supporting lynx conservation actions. These stakeholders will be invited to form Local Consultative Groups (LCG) where they will be regularly informed and consulted about all aspects of the project. Members of LCGs will give input on project activities, especially those related to lynx management and communication, and will share project results with the wider community at special local meetings. These meetings will be an important mechanism for regular information sharing and consultations among different interests in specific local communities. We expect that they will help to prevent and resolve potential conflicts and will generate trust among members of different interest groups.

As a result of this process of public involvement in lynx reinforcement, consultation reports will be developed. They will contain a description of the social conditions (challenges, opportunities) at each lynx release site area and recommendations for the future releases or release site management.

Project outputs

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