Annual meeting of Slovenian Local Consultative Groups

Posted - Jul 7, 2022

The support of the local inhabitants plays a key role in the introduction of the lynx. As part of the Local Consultative Groups (LCG) annual meeting, we enabled the LCG members to see lynx Blisk, before its release into nature, to thank those involved for their cooperation.

On Friday, May 13, we travelled, together with the local inhabitants involved in the project, from the Loška Dolina and Pivka region to Snežnik to see the Blisk lynx in the enclosure. We didn’t stay there for a long time in order not to disturb the lynx too much, but the lynx made a good impression already in the first few minutes. We also visited Mašun forest house and saw an exhibition dedicated to large carnivores and their forests.

After the visit, we had dinner and a get-together at the Mašun guest house, as a thank you for following our activities and participating in the project.

Thank you all for an enjoyable time and see you again at the next events!

Exchanging knowledge and experience at dinner in Mašun Guesthouse. Photo: Manca Velkavrh

Mašun Forest House is interesting every time we visit. Photo: Manca Velkavrh