The world rests on the young! In the previous season we counted 26 of them in Croatia!

Posted - Aug 23, 2023

Lynxes reproduce once a year and kittens are born in late May and during July. On camera traps we start capturing them from the late summer, early autumn. As this period of the year is approaching, we made an overview of lynx reproduction in Croatia in the past season.

Season 2022-23 started fantastic. Already on July 18, 2022 we got our first photograph of lynx kittens. Female Eva was captured on marking spot near Crni Lug with two tiny kittens. By February/March 2023, when kittens leave their mothers and become independent, we identified 18 females with offspring. And we counted 26 kittens!

On additional seven locations, we photographed mothers with kittens, but due to the low photo quality, we were not able to identify them and confirm if those are new litters or one of the previously identified 18.

Lynx Suzi with her offspring. Photo: LIFE Lynx

Lynx Eva with her offspring. Photo: LIFE Lynx