ROMSILVA and LIFE Lynx met at the Slovenian Embassy in Bucharest

Posted - Nov 25, 2022

On November 15, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bucharest organized a formal reception for all Romanian organizations that are key to the success of the LIFE Lynx project.  The meeting took place at the residence of Ambassador Lea Stančič and was attended by representatives of ACDB, the Romanian Ministry of Environment, Romsilva and representatives of the Slovenia Forest Service. Rok Černe, LIFE Lynx project coordinator, also presented “Appreciation plaques” and thanked the representatives of Romsilva and the Romanian Ministry for their cooperation in the project so far. During the meeting, the Slovenian Ambassador was informed on the progress of the LIFE Lynx project and the project participants agreed on the future course of activities in Romania.

Mrs. Lea Stančič welcomed the LIFE Lynx delegation. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Representatives from Romsilva, Hunting and game department received an Appreciation plaque for their efforts in the LIFE Lynx project. Photo: Maruša Prostor, LIFE Lynx

Group photo of all participants at the reception. Photo: Igor Hrvatin, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Bucharest