First lynx arrived from Slovakia to Slovenia

Posted - Jun 3, 2020

We are happy to announce that in the past week Slovakian project team members successfully transferred two lynxes from Slovakia to Slovenia and Croatia. The first one – Pino was already released into nature in Northern Velebit on Saturday. The second one arrived in Slovenia today and was put in the quarantine enclosure in Snežnik.

Slovakian National ZOO Bojnice transfered the lynx to Slovenia. Photo: LIFE Lynx

The lynx went through a successful rehabilitation in National ZOO Bojnice, Slovakia. Employees of Poľana Protected Landscape Area from State Nature Conservation of Slovak Republic joined forces with National ZOO Bojnice and successfully captured this lynx last year. At the time, the lynx was in poor health condition and had a broken front paw. He was transferred to Bojnice national ZOO Rescue Center, where the ZOO staff successfully rehabilitated him. Now the lynx is in excellent health condition and is the first lynx transferred from Slovakia to Slovenia in the scope of LIFE Lynx project. We wish that the lynx will be successfully included in the population and contribute to genetic diversity in the Dinaric lynx population.

From the transport box to the enclosure. Photo: LIFE Lynx

First steps in the enclosure. Photo: Jernej Javornik, LIFE Lynx

The honor of naming the lynx will be given to Slovenian hunters. First, the hunters involved in lynx monitoring will suggest different names for the lynx. Afterward, all Slovenian hunters, members of “Hunting in Slovenia” Facebook group, will decide the name for the new lynx.