Velebit has a new inhabitant: lynx Pino named in sign of support for Italy

Posted - May 30, 2020

The beautiful forest of Štirovača in the heart of Velebit is richer for a new inhabitant! On Saturday morning, lynx Pino was released in the border area between the Northern Velebit National Park and the Velebit Nature Park and joined the mission to save the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from extinction.

Pino was named in support and sympathy for Italy, which suffered heavy losses during the Covid-19 virus epidemic. Italy is also a partner in the LIFE Lynx project, which also aims to connect lynx populations in the Alps and the Dinarides to ensure the long-term sustainability of these vulnerable populations. The honor of naming the lynx went to Italian Michelle Pozzini, a volunteer who joined the LIFE Lynx team last fall for the purpose of writing her master’s thesis. In addition to project experience, Michelle also experienced an epidemic and an earthquake in Zagreb during her stay in Croatia.

Pino’s arrival to the rich landscape of Velebit is an important step in preserving the balance of a healthy ecosystem, especially in the month when International Day for Biological Diversity and Day of Nature Protection in Croatia are being celebrated. Team from the Northern Velebit National Park is very proud and happy because Pino arrived as the most beautiful gift for Park’s 21st birthday.

Welcome, Pino! Be just like the green pine (Pinus, Italian Pino) ​​after which you got your name, adaptable to ecological conditions, persistent and long living!

Croatian LIFE Lynx team.

Lynx Pino. Photo: Tomislav Gomerčić, LIFE Lynx

Lynx Pino. Photo: Marko Matešić