Where do lynx sleep?

Posted - Sep 15, 2021

A research group from University in Ljubljana, Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources, came to interesting conclusions about lynx behavioral ecology, more precisely, about Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) day bed selection.

Eurasian lynx is the largest felid representative in Europe with peak of activity in morning and evening/twilight. However, cats are known to rest and sleep a lot and, most often, they sleep during the day, especially around midday hours. And when an animal is asleep, it is in its most vulnerable state because of its unawareness of the surrounding area.

Researchers’ main question was: what are the main characteristic of sites selected by a lynx for midday rest?

The study was conducted in the Slovenian Dinaric Mountains, where karstic relief features are predominant. To find the resting sites, they used two different techniques: GPS telemetry and winter snow tracking of a lynx. The results showed that for a resting site, lynxes prefer mountain ridges and hilltops, as well as locations with steeper slopes and lower local visibility. Such locations likely provide concealment from potential danger or prey and, at the same time, offer good overview of the surroundings. There was also a tendency to avoid forest cabins and to select rocky terrain and southern exposures. Results likely reflect high availability of suitable resting sites in a rugged terrain of karstic landscape and show that the influence of human infrastructure in Dinaric Mountains might be lower compared to the study areas of previous similar research in other parts of Europe. For more information about the study, check the following link

Lynx resting site. Photo: Lan Hočevar, LIFE Lynx