VIDEO: Release of lynx Blisk and the visit of Angelo Salsi, head of LIFE Programme

Posted - Jun 10, 2022

In May, lynx Blisk was released in Slovenia’s forests of Snežnik. It was one of the fastest releases, as Blisk rapidly left the quarantine enclosure, where he was adapting to his new environment. The head of the LIFE Programme, Mr. Angelo Salsi witnessed the release and he escorted the lynx with these words:  “Protecting the environment today is the best investment you can do in terms of ensuring the right legacy for your kids.” Our new project ambassador, Desa Muck, also witnessed the release and was thrilled to be able to see this big, magnificent animal, who really carved into her memory.

Among other things, Mr. Salsi endorsed the international collaboration, which the LIFE Lynx project established. Large carnivores need large areas to live and for successful implementation of projects working with them, you have to work internationally and connect at least with your neighboring countries.

This Saturday, June 11, we are celebrating International Lynx Day. As part of the celebrations, you can take part in events that we are organizing together with the Dina Pivka Centre and ZOO Ljubljana. The International Lynx Day map also includes events in Italy, France, Germany and the Czech Republic.