Together for Lynx – movie trailer

Posted - Sep 7, 2023

We proudly present the trailer for the LIFE Lynx documentary film Together for Lynx – saving the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from another extinction.

The LIFE Lynx project has brought 18 lynx from healthy populations in the Carpathian Mountains to Slovenia and Croatia, with an aim to introduce new genes in a highly inbreed Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population. The project has joined experts, conservationists, researchers, and hunters from five European countries, with a common goal – saving the lynx from extinction. In addition to lynx translocations, the international team is also monitoring the lynx, preventing illegal killing, and promoting acceptance of the large carnivore among the local people. Key stakeholders – the hunters from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Romania and Slovakia – are actively involved in the project, which builds on the approach from the 70s, when hunters and foresters reintroduced the lynx to the Slovenian forests. Together we will help save the lynx, Europe’s largest wild cat.

Five years of filming resulted in hours of interesting and educative material so the decision about what to include in a documentary film about the LIFE Lynx project was not easy. Together with the LIFE Lynx team members, the directors of the film, Timotej Vrtnik and Gregor Šubic managed to capture the essence of the project efforts. Luckily, the remaining footage is presented in short video clips, which can be found on LIFE Lynx You Tube channel.

After the Slovenian premiere in Kinodvor, Ljubljana, the film will be screened at different events. One will be organized during the project’s final conference in Zadar (Croatia) in September, and another one in DINA Pivka (Slovenia) on October 5, 2023. More information about the upcoming events will follow soon.