Together for Lynx in Podnart, Slovenia

Posted - Jan 26, 2024

Considering the programme of the Podnart Cultural Association, last Friday was a completely ordinary day – with a varied programme.

We started with drawing; children drew lynx motifs and lynx patterns in the silhouettes and coloured sketches of the lynx. At the same time, they listened to a reading of the book “Mighty lynx” written by Boštjan Gorenc Pižama.

After an enjoyable hour of drawing, several adults joined us. We watched the film Together for Lynx, followed by a talk with one of the two filmmakers – Timotej Vrtnik, and two Triglav National Park rangers who are important contributors to the project – Florjan Tišler and Sašo Hrovat. The audience asked many questions, which we were happy to answer. The project team was represented by Manca Velkavrh from the Biotechnical Faculty.

We would also like to thank Marjeta Vovk from CA Podnart for her initiative and co-organisation!