The Mighty Lynx and Max, the Bravest Lynx – now available in English

Posted - Feb 5, 2024

Two lynx-themed books are now available also in English. The Slovenian writer and LIFE Lynx ambassador, Desa Muck, wrote a wonderful and educational story about the true events of a lynx’s life. The main star is Max, the bravest lynx (in the world). She takes us on a journey with some happy but also sad adventures Max has to endure to find… well, you can read his story and find out.  The book is available at Založba Muck Blažina.

Writer and stand-up comic Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama takes us on a different journey; we follow two young lynxes, Tisa and Bor, who are just starting to discover what it takes to be a (mighty) lynx. You can order your copy at [email protected]

Desa Muck wrote:

“There lived a larky Mighty lynx,

The author knew her well,

For everywhere the lynx did go,

There was a story to tell… “


We are preparing a special surprise for all you young explorers. The Mighty Lynx will come and visit you… on your screens. More info will follow soon.