Telemetry collar of lynx Lukaš stopped sending data

Posted - Dec 1, 2023

Lukaš was the last lynx released in the Gorenjska region within the LIFE Lynx project. The purpose of his release into the forests of Jelovica in the middle of April was to join the female Aida after Zois’ disappearance. However, Lukaš chose a different path and headed towards the Karavanke Mountains. Later on it seemed that he had settled in the area between Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, where he stayed for about four months. Unfortunately, in mid-August his telemetry collar stopped sending GPS data and no camera traps are set up for lynx monitoring within the Lukaš’s home range. Therefore, the LIFE Lynx team connected with the hunters from Slovenian and Austrian side of Karavanke to investigate if Lukaš is still present in the area.

Home ranges of all six lynxes translocated to Slovenian Alps. All except Zois were still detected in 2023.