Surprising movements of lynx Lukaš

Posted - Jun 16, 2023

Lukaš is the last lynx released in the Gorenjska region within the LIFE Lynx project. We released him in the middle of April in the forests of Jelovica, with a wish to bring a new male to the female Aida. However, Lukaš chose a different path and soon after his release, he headed towards Dražgoše and then on past Kranj and set off to explore the Karavanke Mountains. He first stayed in the area of Storžič, then went to the other side of the border, to Austria, to Železná kaplje and returned to Slovenia. On his search for a suitable territory he crossed the Karavanke and Kamniško Savinjske Alps and is currently in the area between Dolga Njiva, Jezersko and Korte on the Austrian side of the border. Lukaš is currently still getting to know his new environment, so we cannot confirm that he will settle in this area. He has surprised us with his movements and we will be following his steps with great interest to see where he establishes his territory.

Release of Lukáš from the quarantine enclosure in Jelovica. Photo: Simon M. Pintar

Map of lynx Lukaš’ movements after his release on Jelovica (green square). Photo: LIFE Lynx